GK: If you're somebody who knows a lot of big words, and uses them in a sentence-words like obsequious, obstreperous, or coruscating, quiescent, or pluvious-you're probably an English Major. And you're probably often misunderstood, too.

TR: I like your yard for its verdant fecundity but there is an inchoate quality to it too that I find disconcerting.

FN: Oh. ---- Okay.

GK: And he's thinking to himself:


GK: It's good to use your words but the purpose of language is to be understood and sometimes that means speaking simply.

TR (GUTTURAL): Me neighbor. Live next door. Want to be friend. Come my house. Beer. (BELCH)

GK: English has great latitude for many different styles of speech, vulgar, lyrical, professorial, profound, intimate, formal, whatever the occasion calls for.


This throne of blues, this rhythmic town,

Home of a studio named for the very sun,

This land of grace, this theater of Orpheus

Who made the trees and rocks to sing,

This happy breed of men who love their pork

And do not smother it in tomato sauce

But serve it dry, as it most befits the pig.....

GK: English. It's there for you, wanting to be used. A message from the Professional Organization of English Majors.


Non parle inglese?

You gotta be crazy

Anglais--- tres chic

That's the language you want to speak