A lady of east Tennessee

Once thought she was in love with me

But when she caught sight

Of me in daylight

She walked away a.s.a.p.

A lady of north Arkansas

Was in love with me until her pa

Googled my name

And found I was fam-

Ous for walking around in the raw.

At the big spelling bee in Tupelo

I misspelled cupola cupolo

And missed out on first prize,

A bedspread, king-size,

With your choice of a red or a blue pillow.

A limerick about Oklahoma

Generally mentions "aroma"

Offending the nose

And sometimes it throws

Somebody into a coma.

A Baptist girl of Nashville

Went to Catholic mass for the thrill

Of smoke, statuary.

The worship of Mary-

It was all well-intentioned, but still.

A strong-minded woman of Memphis

Liked to holler and yell for emphas-

Is and if we choose

She does know the blues

And would be glad to sing them f' us.

There was an old man of Oak Ridge

Who cried out, "Son of a bitch.

I got up in the night

And there was the light---

Now I find I have pissed in the fridge."