GK: ...back right after this message from the Professional Organization of English Majors.

They say that communication is more important than correctness and perhaps there's some truth to that. Misspellings in radio don't matter so much. I just mispelled "misspell" with one L and not 2 and you didn't catch it. But in writing, mistakes tend to leap out. Such as in Larry's cover letter applying for a job----

FN: At my current place of employment, I am responsible for all of there internal communications (ERROR KLAXON) ----

GK: "Responsible for all of there ---- t-h-e-r-e ---- internal communications"??? That's the equivalent of coming to the job interview in a pair of shorts.

FN: Hey dude. It's me. Wassup?

GK: Little grammatical mistakes say a lot. When your heart surgeon says to you----

TR: The X-ray don't mean that you have a problem. (KLAXON) ---- what's wrong?

FN: You mean----- the X-ray doesn't mean I have a problem.

TR: That's what I said.

FN: I want a different surgeon.

TR: But I seen the X-ray. It's fine.

FN: Bye.

GK: Little mistakes in writing or speech undermine your credibility. One more reason why you ought to know an English major. He just might save your life.

SS: Say, handsome, would you mind taking a look at my resume? I got no idea if it's okay or not.

GK: My pleasure, beautiful. Language: it says so much about you. Nothing speaks louder than words. A message from the Professional Organization Of English Majors.