GK: ....brought to you by the Professional Organization of English Majors. We know that first drafts can be discouraging. Shakespeare wrote terrible first drafts----

TR: (BRIT) When it comes to the wedding of like-minded people don't let things stand in your way. Love isn't love if you change it when you find something weird going on, or if your feelings change when the other person changes their feelings about you. No way! ---- (TO HIMSELF) Oh boy. Garbage.

GK: Nobody gets it right the first time. Tennessee Williams, for example.

SS: Hi, Stella. I'm here. I caught the streetcar and met a stranger who was very kind. How's Stan? Good. I left Belle Rive, Stella, and boy that's a mess. Nice apartment you've got. Mind if I put a paper lantern over that bare lightbulb? So who's Mitch?

GK: Allen Ginsburg cultivated an image of himself as a spontaneous poet but it wasn't true.

FN: I saw all these like really smart people my age, some of them naked, or even hysterical, going around early in the morning, hipsters smoking stuff and listening to jazz and not doing very well at the university, and it was really something.

GK: And now you know why writers burn their papers. That's why. Even a great craftsman like Stephen Sondheim.


My name is Trish.

I like your hair.

I am just hanging around,

Got time to spare.

Let's go downtown.

His name is Chris.

He wants to move

And there's this place he found

What should I do?

Where am I bound?

My friend's a clown.

GK: English Majors know ---- it takes time and revision over and over to create something good. One more reason why, no matter what the job, you won't go wrong by hiring an English major.