GK: We're in Los Angeles, at the Hollywood Bowl where some skateboarders are going by (SFX) and a woman in a bikini on rollerblades (SFX). And here is a guy on a skateboard juggling two chainsaws (SFX), and a whole drum circle going by on rollerblades (SFX), drumming on plastic buckets (SFX), and here is a shiny man with a 60-inch chest and a 28-inch waist lifting 400 pounds of iron (SFX), and a magician pulling pigeons out of a hat (SFX), and a man doing laughter yoga (SFX). We Midwesterners are stunned by the beaches of course ----- we head for the Santa Monica Pier and the carousel (SFX carousel music), ride the roller coaster (SFX), play ski-ball and Whack-a-Mole (SFX), and head north out of Santa Monica, stop to watch whales at Point Dume. You're in luck, there's a whole big migration of them (SFX), plus some dolphins doing backflips (SFX) and some otters playing with a beach ball (SFX). You head up the Pacific Coast Highway, visit the Getty Villa pool (SFX), the Self-realization Fellowship Lake Shrine (OMMMMMMMM). Then you head up theTopanga Canyon Boulevard, past the site of the Topanga Corral Nightclub where Neil Young and the Byrds used to hang out (SFX) and past the Topanga Montessori (FN Teacher: You are doing a fabulous job tying your shoe, Jennifer. I am so proud of how you are making the little loops on your finger and then one goes through the tunnel. Yes. That's it. You did it. Doesn't that feel good.) and it does feel good. That's the beauty of Los Angeles. Whether you feel like a part of it or you feel superior to it, Los Angeles makes you feel better about yourself. (SURF, WAVES) It's the feel good city.