....brought to you by Anoka Jewelers. Where you'll find matching engagement and wedding rings to fit any budget. And now, singing for Anoka Jewelers, here's Ellie Dehn.

This is a song called the Habanera
It's from Carmen by Georges Bizet
It's usually sung by a gypsy woman
Who seduces Don Jose
He is crazy in love with her
And she's in love with Escamillo
And you know this won't turn out well
Because love's a duet and not a trio

L'amour, l'amour, l'amour, for sure.

I'm not a gypsy
I'm a girl from Anoka, Minnesota
We try to stay calm
Not everything needs to be expressed.

So try to be cool
In the summer stay even cooler.
And when you get married
Get your rings from Anoka Jeweler...