GK: If you've been thinking about getting into the lucrative radio sound effects field, you may be wondering ----- how many sound effects should I know how to do?

(WHINNY AND HOOVES) Well, that one for sure. And also elephants (SFX) And of course jungle creatures (SFX). And for Minnesota in January, it's always good if you can do a beach in the Caribbean (SURF, GULLS). Some sounds are optional. (INFANT CRYING), We can do without that one. We used to ask sound effects people to do dentist drills (DRILL), we don't ask for that anymore, in fact we ask them not to do that. But evil laughter is good. (HORROR LAUGH)

Musical instruments are good. (BUGLE) and old cars are good (OLD CAR HORN) and car alarms (CAR ALARM) and a truck going by (SEMI DOPPLER) or maybe a whole speedway of racecars (RACE CARS). You should be able to do a train (TRAIN). And a ship (SHIP HORN). And of course creatures: doves (DOVES) and ducks (DUCK) and dinosaurs (MONSTER), and extra credit if you can do a dolphin (DOLPHIN). Even better if the dolphin can sing (SFX). . Or if the dolphin can do a Katherine Hepburn impression. (SFX)

And here in Minnesota, you would of course need to do a loon. Our state bird. (LOON) If you can do a loon, you're capable of almost anything.