GK: ... after this message from the Evelyn Lundberg Counseling Agency... the ELCA.

SS (EVELYN): Well it's January and that means that you college seniors have about six months until you start looking for a job and you discover that when interviewers look at your resume and see that you majored in something called Media Studies , a little alarm goes off in their heads that says, Not That Bright.

Come on, people! Universities have created a whole bunch of easy majors so they can collect tuition from people who aren't smart enough to do math or learn a language and maybe it's called World Civilizations or maybe it's called Gender Studies or maybe it's called Umbilical Studies but when the job interviewer looks at it, she thinks, "Okay, I'll offer this person something in the mail room. Maybe he can weigh things and put postage on them." And that's okay. Your ancestors came over here on a one-way ticket and maybe they had a college education but it was in Norwegian, so they had to pick up a shovel and clean out the barn. And did they go bellyaching about the bum deal they got? Yes, they did, and then they shovelled some more pig poop. Occupy Wall Street, My Aunt Fanny. It isn't enough to look cool. You have to put your butt in the chair and do the work. So wake up and smell the coffee and start making something of yourself. The free ride is over. If what you need is a kick in the rear end, then I'm the one who can do it.

GK: A message from Evelyn Lundberg, from the Evelyn Lundberg Counseling Agency, the ELCA.