.......after a message from Bertha's Kitty Boutique.

GK: Cats love video, especially video with birdies in it (BIRDS) flying around and sitting in trees and squirrels (SQUIRREL) running to and fro ---- a cat can sit for hours (MEOW), watching wildlife on the screen. But do they learn anything? (MEOW) No. But now Bertha's presents Educational Videos for cats. (MEOW) For example, "Bad Kitty 1," a video about a cat who spreads her kitty litter all over the (CAT SCRATCHING) kitchen floor and she sharpens her nails on the couch (RIPPING BY NAILS) and then she goes outside and a giant condor is there (CONDOR) and comes down (BIG WINGS FLAPPING) and takes that cat away (CONDOR) ----- it's a video that gives your cat something to think about (THOUGHTFUL MEOW) - a real deterrent. And there's "Bad Kitty 2" in which a cat just like your cat (MEOW) eats houseplants (CRUNCHING) and she doesn't notice that the vacuum cleaner is coming up behind her (VACUUM) and then she sees it and she runs away (CAT FRIGHT) and she dashes outdoors and there's that giant condor again (CONDOR) and he swoops down (WINGS FLAPPING) and grabs her in his giant talons (CONDOR) and suddenly she's looking at the world from a very high altitude ---- most cats can look at the "Bad Kitty" videos and get the point pretty quick (THOUGHTFUL MEOW). Educational videos from Bertha's Kitty Boutique..... For persons who care about cats.....(BKB THEME)