GK: I am made of snow basically with two malted milk balls for eyes and a carrot for a nose and I was made by a boy and his father and why I was made, I'm not sure they know, so I don't know. I was made when there was a big snowfall and then it got warm and I almost died but I'm in the shade of a tree so I survived and then they built me back up. And what is the purpose of my existence --- I have yet to find out. I'm immobile and I have no way of communicating, I can only talk to myself, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say. And that's why I don't think of myself as a "snowman" ---- I think of myself as Pal. That's what the mailman calls me. His name is Bob.


TR (SID): How you doing, pal? Nothing for you today. Sorry.


GK: He's planning to retire in three years and move to Florida and buy a sailboat and sail the Caribbean, but the truth is that he's going to die in two years. You learn a lot when you don't say anything. I just stand here in the yard and people go by and sometimes they stop.


SS: Well---- thanks for a wonderful evening.

TR: Did you enjoy it?

SS: I did.

TR: Did you really?

SS: I really did. I never went to a chess tournament before. Lots of interesting people there.

TR: I know it probably seemed awfully slow to you.

SS: No------- I liked that. It was------ very peaceful.

TR: Well, I hope we can do it again sometime.

SS: Go to a chess tournament?

TR: No----- go out. You know. A movie or something. You like sci-fi?

SS: My brother does.

TR: Oh. Maybe he'd like to come with.

SS: On a date?

TR: Bad idea, huh?

SS: Well------ I should go in. It's getting late.

TR: Let's hang out sometime.

SS: Sure.

TR: You want to?

SS: Sure.

TR: You sure?

SS: Sure.

TR: Okay. See ya.

SS: See ya.

GK: My sense is that I don't have a long time in this world, but I don't know what that means, so I don't think about it. What do I think about? I think about my feet. Do I have feet? I can't look down. I saw myself once reflected in a car window that parked here and I was sort of surprised. I thought I was better-looking than that. I look kind of lumpy. I was glad when the car pulled away. Oh no. No no no. (DOG APPROACHES, PANTING, COLLAR JINGLING) Get away! Get out of here. Don't do that here--(DOG PEES ON SNOWMAN, LEAVES) Oh great.


TR (SID): Hey pal. What happened? Looks like you wet your pants. (HE LAUGHS HARD, AS HE WALKS AWAY) Wet your pants. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wet your pants. I love it.

GK: Maybe I will find a way to tell Bob he doesn't have long in this world. (GEESE FLY OVERHEAD) Wish I could look up. Sounds like somebody's having a party. I can see their shadows. It looks like they're waving. They want me to come with them. Maybe someday I will. I don't eliminate the possibility.

AS (OFF): Hey!

GK: Who you talking to?

AS (OFF): You.

GK: Who are you?

AS (OFF): I'm in the yard next door.

GK: I can't see that way.

AS (OFF): I can see you.

GK: You're not one of them, are you?

AS (OFF): No, I'm one of us. Like you.

GK: Made of snow?

AS (OFF): Yes.

GK: What's your name?

AS (OFF): Brenda.

GK: There's something different about you.

AS (OFF): I was going to say the same thing about you.

GK: I wish we were closer. I wish I could see you.

AS (OFF): I'm short and fat.

GK: Makes no difference to me. You're the first one I've met. I'm excited. I feel like I'm melting.

AS (OFF): Be cool.

GK: I'm trying.

AS (OFF): Marry me.

GK: What does that mean?

AS (OFF): Whatever we want it to mean.

GK: Well, why not? Maybe that is the purpose of my life. To be with you. So you're not alone.

AS (OFF): Shhhh. Here they come.


GK: Who?

AS (OFF): The boy and girl.

GK: Oh. Is she still dating him?

TR: Thanks for coming out to supper. Did you have fun? I did. I hope you didn't mind going for pizza.

SS: It was okay. I like the library, too.

TR: Really?

SS: Really. I'm so glad you like the library.

TR: I love the library.

SS: Me too.

TR: Can I tell you something:

SS: What?

TR: You won't get mad, will you?

SS: No---

TR: Could I kiss you?

SS: Sure. Wow.


TR: Oh I'm sorry ----

SS: What?

TR: Did I step on your foot?

SS: No----

TR: OH OH. Look what I did. I knocked that snowman's head off.

SS: Kiss me.


GK: I can see the sky. The whole sky. I can see it.