If you would like to sing in the choir.
There's just one thing that we require.
One rule: we use a mouthwash every day.
Use a rinse or a spray
So when you sing and make a forceful sound
You don't knock someone down.

GK: If you're a singer and your career is going nowhere, the problem may be your breath. No matter how talented you are, stale or rancid breath drives people away. Even people in the 5th or 6th row can tell. Time to try Irish Breeze, the mouthwash with the delicate aroma of the Irish coast.

TR (IRISH): Faith yes. Irish Breeze.

We sing Beethoven, Mozart and Bach
If we sing loud, we use mouthwash
People sitting in the mezzanine
Know that our breath is clean
And from our point of view
We say to you:
You ought to use it too.