GK:.....brought to you by Dolphin Land.

Many people come to Hawaii so they can swim with dolphins. (SFX) Which is fun for awhile but the thrill does wear off. If you like raw fish, you can eat with the dolphins. (DOLPHIN GULP AND SAVOR AND DOLPHIN BELCH) You can strap on a SCUBA tank (SFX) and sleep with the dolphins. (DOLPHIN SNORING) But you don't really experience dolphin life until you play bridge with dolphins. Dolphins are highly-intelligent (SFX) and they are competitive bridge-players (SFX) and if you don't watch them carefully they can shuffle the cards so as to put an extra ace in their blow hole (DOLPHIN CHUCKLING) and deal themselves a winning hand, or fin, and when dolphins take a trick, they leap out of the water and do a backflip (SFX), and balance a ball on their nose (SFX), and dolphins will try to lure you into playing for money. Be careful. (WILY DOLPHIN)