GK: So you're trying to find love in the big city (VIOLIN PATHOS). Where do you look? You want to find an actor?

TR (THEATRICAL): Oh, you -- you ------ woman of my dreams, my muse, my soul's companion, the music of my soul----- (NORMAL) Let me try that again------ (THEATRICAL) Oh you.....you.....woman of my dreams....

GK: Nope. How about a singer?

Start spreadin' the news
I'm moving today
I want to be your new roommate
My name is Chip.

GK: Hmm. Maybe not. How about a banker?

TR (ON VOICE MAIL): (BEEP) Hi honey. Look, I'm in a conference call with New Delhi, I'm not going to make it home tonight. Go ahead and eat the pork roast. Say hi to Bobbie. I'll give you a call in the morning. Or Monday. Bye.

GK: No. You don't want that. What you want is an English Major--a sensitive thoughtful person who can love you with language. So where do you find someone like that? In a yoga studio? (SITAR, MEDITATION CHANT). Probably not. How about a jazz club? (RAMBLING BASS SOLO). Doubtful. A coffeeshop? (ESPRESSO MACHINE). They look like English majors but actually they're unemployed lawyers, rewriting their resumes on their laptops. No, if you want a real English major you can call your own, you board the Staten Island Ferry (SFX). At night, two thirds of the passengers are English Majors, writing poems about New York from the harbor. (WRITING)

Skyline of light, skyline of my heart, city of deranged scintillation of spirit bursting from the island of Deal With It, the island of Go Ahead Try It
I am the grapefruit topped with cottage cheese
I am a Manhattan man and I have a hat in my hand
I am light
Both a wave and a particle, I am everything and nothing.
I am alive. I am undead. I am right behind you, following you Babes.
I am yours for the rest of this ride.

GK: And if you don't care for him, there are 50 other poets on the same ferry, going back and forth, all night long. Take your pick. They're cold and they're vulnerable and they're on the Staten Island Ferry.

She stepped on the boat and I knew
I knew as she stepped on the boat
I knew it was her and she was stepping
Onto the boat where I wait, writing this

GK: So head on down to South Ferry and board the ship. There's an English Major waiting for you. A message from the POEM, the Partnership of English Majors.