GK: We're in New York which is exciting for us Midwesterners ----- I just got the last of my corn and soybeans in (TRACTOR, THRESHING MACHINE) and sent the hogs off to market (SFX) and so on Friday, after I fed the chickens (SFX) I got on a plane and flew out to New York (SFX) ----- always an exciting landing at LaGuardia ---- (DESCENT) you come in over the water and there's that platform sticking out like the deck of an aircraft carrier and he puts the plane down (LANDING) and you start your New York weekend with a feeling of death narrowly averted. And the same goes for your cab ride into Manhattan. (CAR ACCEL, BRAKES, ACCEL, SWERVE, TR ARABIC SHOUTING), it's like a 20-minute carnival ride ----- excitement, that's what we come to New York for ----(BLOOP BLOOP SIREN PASSING) SS: HEY, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING (HONKS) ----- TR BARKER: Right in this way, girls girl girls, they're onstage now, waiting for you, every one a winner ----- lots of action and lots of drama ----- New York ---- the new alongside the old ----- you get into a club with the velvet rope outside and there's the latest singing sensation (CROWD HUBBUB).

What you looking at, you looking at me?
What you looking at? What do you see?
Watch your back. Outta my way.
Right behind you, gonna blow you away.

GK: And you go next door to the Cafe Bijou and there is a tiny fragile woman you remember from a Broadway revue in 1974 ----- (SS SINGING, OLD CHANTEUSE: Love your magic spell is everywhere, Yet I call you and you are not there Come here is my heart, my soul to mate Make me forget the voice that whispers "wait" (SHE VOCALIZES UNDER....) What is her name? You try to remember and you can't. That's New York. Old landmarks getting knocked down (CRANE, CRUNCH OF STEEL BALL AGAINST BRICK WALL) and in their place new highrises going up (RIVETTER, CRANE) Capitalism is alive and well in New York.

The sky turns cloudy and (FN: Um-brella um-brella um-brella!) vendors are out in the street (FN: Ten dollar ten dollar ten dollar--for you, five dollar). And the skies clear up (FN: Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. Five dollar five dollar five dollar. For you, two dollar)

Up in Central Park for a carriage ride (SFX) and the horses are mature horses but they're proud to be working New York (WHINNY) --And a couple of the horses are performers themselves, waiting for their big break. Maybe a walk-on role in War Horse. (MUSIC, HOOFBEATS)

I pull the wagons through the park all day
Full of tourists from Maine and I-o-way
Around and round I walk the same old course
A carriage horse, a carriage horse. (WHINNY)

GK: That's New York. Everybody's trying to make it, including us. There could be agents, producers, in our audience tonight. This could lead to something big.