Down by the Mississippi, she and I.
My lover by the river, her small white hand.
Her pale blue eyes.
A snowy field, the shining sky, a tall black tree.
I held her close and asked my love, to marry me.
To marry me.

I loved my love as ever sparrow loved his mate
Her radiant and cheerful heart,
at heaven's gate at heaven's gate.
I look back at that winter day, through the years
I see her pale and shining face.
Her golden hair, her shining tears.

Down by the Mississippi, we did part.
She crossed the bridge and disappeared, and took my heart.
And took my heart.
I think of her, and how we laughed and how we'd sing
And all the years I've wasted in adventuring.

I envy those who live so free and easily
I pray that on these winter nights she thinks of me.
She thinks of me.