SW: We'll be back with more of the show after this message from the Independent Booksellers of the North.

SS (FLEXNER): Hello, I'm Dr. Judith Flexner with a word about books and health. You are what you read, and statistics show that people who read summer books when it's cold out are four times more susceptible to infectious disease. It's true.nTime to put aside the romance novels (INTO BREATHY VOICE) "O wow, I've never seen pectorals like your pectorals, Rob." (TR: Yeah. Same here. SS LOW: I don't care if you are bad. I love you. Love you---- do you hear me? TR: Yeah. Me too) ---- time to pick up some good solid winter reading-----

(TR RUSSIAN: Life is brutal. We fight year after year for survival and we sink down into the mud of despair and my cough is getting worse and worse. SS RUSSIAN: You must live, Yuri. For me, you must live. TR RUSSIAN:nI'm sick and I'm depressed. SS RUSSIAN: Your depression excites me, Yuri. Hold me. Kiss me. TR RUSSIAN: I am not worthy of you, Ludmilla. SS RUSSIAN: I know that. But I want you.) Books do affect your health. Winter reading is rough and it's hard, and it's good for you. A message from the Independent Booksellers of the North.