Segment 1
00:00:00 APHC Logo Open
00:00:12 Tishomingo Blues
00:00:56 GK Intro
00:02:39 "Christmas Blues," Pat Donohue and Shoes
00:06:18 The Lives of the Cowboys script
00:15:41 Christmas Medley, Rob Fisher and Rich Dworsky
00:19:25 Santa Claus script
00:23:04 "Twelve Days of Christmas," GK and Tom SFX
00:26:18 GK Powdermilk Intro
00:26:46 Bethlehem Powdermilk with both choirs, Robin and Linda, Shoes

Segment 2
00:29:17 "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" from the Nutcracker, Sonos Handbell Ensemble
00:31:21 Christmas Family script
00:56:36 Intermission

Segment 3
01:01:12 GK Welcome Back
01:01:45 "Poor Little Jesus," Odetta
01:04:18 Rhubarb script
01:09:01 Christmas Medley, Rich Dworsky
01:11:06 GK Buster Intro
01:11:35 "Christ Child's Lullaby," The Boys of the Lough
01:16:11 Buster, The Dog of Christmas script
01:25:56 "Carolers at My Door," Buffalo Philharmonic Chamber Singers
01:28:17 "In the Bleak Midwinter," Music Sacra

Segment 4
01:31:55 News From Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:49:00 "Hard Times," Renee Fleming and GK
01:53:44 GK Credits
01:54:55 "Silent Night" Audience Closer
01:58:39 Credits