TR: Sample sale, buy, buy, buy, five dollars, ladies blouses, sportswear, five dollars ---

FN: Check it out - Pedicure, manicure, brow wax, back wax, butt wax, pedicure, pedicure, pedicure ---

ER:nI'm a patient of Dr. Rosenberg's - I'm trying to get a refill on my meds and I think I'll need an extra session before next week but I'm not sure if my insurance is going to cover it

FN: That looked like Jack Nicholson. Do you think it's him, he looks old for Nicholson.

SS: Oh you can see the difference with this foundation, it's like you're walking around with a natural spotlight on you.nAnd it's on sale today.

SS: He wants me to go skiing in Colorado and I told him he must be out of his mind, I said it's St. Barts or we can take separate vacations this year. I'm not wasting my precious time off to elect to be in the freezing cold trying to keep up with him--nI told him my migraines are worse at higher altitudes

ER: So he sent me with an email with a picture of a rainbow. That's how he told me it was over, and that he was gay.

FN: Geez, enough with the honking.

TR: This is nuts.

TR: I can't hear you, I'm in Times Square, can't you hear it?

FN: I'm so freakin hungry.

ER: Remember the violinist from the orchestra who I hooked up with on St. Patricks day? Yeah, the half-beard guy. Well I got a text from him at 1 AM saying he was lonely and the next thing I know I'm in a cab on my way to Murray Hill!

SS: Are we close to the tree yet?n

TR: That's a tree.

SS: Yeah, but that one's all red. Rockefeller Center's is going to be more than one color and that one's above a place that says Going Out of Business.

FN: Don't pick up trash, Lillith, they pay other people to do that here. There's too much to pick up anyway.

ER: Well my rent went up twice in the past month and I told her I can't pay right away so she wants me to move out on the 26th and I'm like are you kidding me? The day after Christmas? I'm not even going to be there!

TR: I'm kinda just tired of it, ya know? I'm constantly working and get home at 5 in the morning and wake up and have to work again and so there's no time for me to create. I fantasize about packing up and just taking off to the desert, go and live in a little pueblo somewhere and just work on my art.

FN: Dude, what are you Georgia O'Keefe all the sudden? You do graffiti. Not watercolors.

SS: I'm not leaving til Christmas Day, so I can avoid the inevitable drunken arguments between my mom and my aunt.

ER: I'm going to my fiance's dad's house and he invited his new Brazilian girlfriend who is younger than my fiance and her mom is bringing her new boyfriend, who is the ex's ex-best friend.

SS: Excuse me, miss do you know where a shoe store is? I need a pair of shoes right now, I just wore mine out.

FN: We talked about this yesterday, I thought you weren't going to buy as much this year.

ER: But this one is clearance.

FN: I need one double chai skinny soy latte, with half foam - one mocha with an extra shot no whip, 3 regular dark roasts, one with whole milk, and a vanilla oolong tea, please and thank you.

TR: The light says Don't Walk, why are people walking?