GK:...our show brought to you by Minnesota. (RUM AND COCA-COLA) It's not just Norwegians, you know.


If you ever head for Canada
To get away from humanity
You may stop a little short
Because there is a real good state up north
You could come to Minnesota
It's a good place to go t'
It is good for goodness sakes
It's the land of ten thousand lakes.

GK: Minnesota. It's not just Norwegians, you know. We have Swedes, Finns, Germans, even some Icelanders. Why not give Minnesota a chance?

If you're tired of Manhattan
Looking for a place to get old and fat in
Pack your bag and head on over
You'll be happy as a gopher
You should come to Minnesota
Not Iowa or North Dakota
Home of the Vikings and the Twins
Where you do penance for your sins.