GK: We're in New York City, a city that is teeming with life and vitality, and not only people but cats(CAT) and dogs (SMALL YIPS, FN LADY: Hush, Snuggums. YIPS), and the polar bear in Central Park(BIG SPLASH IN WATER) and the peacocks (PEACOCKS), and the sea lions (SEA LION).n

There used to be geese in Prospect Park.(GEESE).nAnd then that jet airliner ran into one and had to land on the Hudson River and (RIFLE SHOTS) they got rid of the geese. There are rats, of course (SFX) and Brooklyn brought in possums to deal with the rats (SFX) but possums prefer garbage (SFX) so now Brooklyn has a rat problem (SFX) and a possum problem. (SFX).n

There are squirrels, of course (SFX) but also raccoons (SFX) and skunks have been making their way down from the Bronx to Riverside Park (SFX). There are coyotes that come over from New Jersey and they're thin and aloof (COYOTE SNIFFING and they fit right in here.(SFX) Once in a while a manatee comes into the harbor and up the Hudson River (MANATEE). And of course there's Pale Male (HAWK SCREECH), the Manhattan hawk who has been living in a penthouse suite on 5th Avenue for 19 years (SCREECH).nPale male is a real New York guy---he's sired 26 chicks and he's on his third wife - Lola.

New York City - it's a jungle and now you're here and you're one of them. And is it so unlikely that a giant gorilla (SFX) would climb the Empire State Building with the lady in his fist (CRIES) and planes circling him (PROP PLANES DIVING, GORILLA SCREECH) ---- I'm sure it happens all the time.