Over the bridge and through the tunnel and
Down 42nd Street
We'll blow some dough on a Broadway show

And a deluxe hotel suite

We'll put on our faces, our best social graces,
And walk down the avenue
And we will hope that the velvet rope
Opens for me and you.

If it does not, we'll give them a haught-
Y glare and walk away
And catch a cab to Tribeca and grab
A seat at the cabaret.

We're cool as can be as we sit and see
Celebrities wave at us
Like Lady Gaga and Yo-Yo Ma,
We pretend we're oblivious.

When we are bored we head off toward
Our favorite restaurant
Called Anonymous and it offers us
Anything we want.

Out of the cab and through the door
Hurray for the maitre'd
And the waiter who serves the nice hors d'oeuvres
Hurray for the joie de vie.

A lobster bisque and a plate of shellfish
And a salad and steak tartare
Courvoisier and creme brulee
And coffee and a cigar.

Tonight we'll dwell in the Plaza Hotel
In the deluxe penthouse suite
On the 34th floor who could ask for more
And our day will be complete.

We'll put it all on a credit card
Which may or may not have expired
And we may be hurled out into the world
But for now I'm very tired.

So lay down your head on this featherbed
And I will lie by you
And we will dream of a world of ice cream
And hope that it all comes true.