After a brief message from the Realtors of St. Paul.

GK: What happens when we run out of oil? Houston has some ideas. The Space Center is nearby and the rockets are ready to go. (BIG ROCKET RISING) There's oil on Mars. Used to be water on Mars so there's probably oil there, too. And once we get that 100-million-mile-long pipeline going (RATCHET OF PIPELINE BEING PLAYED OUT) from Mars to Houston, (FN ON RADIO: Houston, we have oil.) and that oil starts flowing (BURBLING), this town is going to grow faster than ever. Yes, there's the problem of comets (COMET WHIZZES PAST), thousands of comets a day whizzing past that pipeline (COMET WHIZZES PAST), not to mention our own satellites (PINGING SATELLITE WHIZ PAST), and of course there's all the space junk out there--like that old washer-dryer going by (SFX) ---where'd that come from? And that 1958 Oldsmobile (SFX) ----- we'll have to set up lasers (LASER FIELD ACTIVATION), to watch the pipeline and set off an alarm (BIG WHOOPING ALARM) so Houston can send up a missile (SMALL ROCKET BLAST) to zero in on that washer-dryer and blow it up (EXPLOSION).