GK: This portion of our show brought to you by the City of St. Paul....the city of mystery and romance on the upper Mississippi. (GONG) From far and wide, people travel to this legendary metropolis (TRAIN WHISTLE) and the sight of its shining towers and its golden domes are a beacon to the weary and the disillusioned that illumination and passion are not to be found in some faraway place but right here in the heart of the heart of the country. St. Paul.


If you seek romance -- it's in St. Paul
And music and dance -- it's in St. Paul
And sweet mystery -- right here, St. Paul
And intimacy -- my dear, St. Paul
The mystical fire -- O wow, St. Paul
Of love and desire -- Right now, St. Paul
Not in Montreal -- or Bengal --
You will find it in St. Paul.