If you think you are in love
If you just might be
And you are about to leap
Do it carefully

Carefully, carefully
Though you're swept away
Don't forget to brush your teeth
And shower every day.

If the romance starts to fly
And you feel wild and free
As you rise up to the sky
Do it carefully

Carefully, carefully
To thyself be loyal
Don't forget to get your sleep
And change your motor oil.

When at last you're man and wife
And a mortgagee
And you live your daily life
Do it daringly

Daringly, daringly
Try to live your dreams
Fly to Rome and Normandy
For breakfast eat ice cream

When you've been together long
Your anniversary
Should be marked with feast and song
Do it gloriously

Gloriously, gloriously
Love has found its home
Pull the plug on your p.c.
And turn off the phone.

Gloriously, gloriously
Love will conquer all
This is true in Tennessee
And also in St. Paul

Onward, upward to the skies
Love triumphant sails
Don't forget to exercise
And always trim your nails.