TR (OBAMA): Sometimes things don't work out the way you thought they should and when that happens, usually it's the one thing you were sure was a sure thing and a piece of cake. You're sitting in the White House and getting ready to sign a historic health care reform bill and then you get a phone call from Massachusetts that a guy got elected Senator by driving around in a pickup truck. And there's an earthquake and it's Teddy Kennedy rolling over in his grave. Hello, this is Barack Obama. Don't get caught napping. Take a look at the sure things in your life and get 'em nailed down. Things like your pants. You just always assume they'll be there for you and then you see people snickering and pointing you look down and there's your bare legs. And that's why I've started using duct tape. It keeps your pants secure. Also good for keeping your shirt on and preventing lunch theft. You're sitting there, about to eat lunch -- put a big strip of duct tape across the plate.

GK: Duct tape -- it's just about the only thing that really works sometimes. Duct tape....a message from the American duct tape council.