When you go out to the opera

You get to see people with big voices die.

They die with swords in hand,

Die on the burning sand

Tosca throws herself from thehigh parapetn oo!

It's why you want to see an opera

To see the tenor bleeding where he fell

They die wasting away

They die stabbing themselves

Hitting lots of high notes with their dying breath

And they sing right up until they die

While they get barbecued or while they cough a lot

Opera roles require dying skills

Tenors die most of the time

And most of them in fact deserve to........

We're just the chorus, we don't really care

We've seen it all. Life isn't fair

We're here to watch the spectacle go by

And we don't have to die

To us your tragedies

Don't mean a thing

We just show up and sing.

We are the chorus, we can move the flats

Corry the spears, wear funny hats

We stand in back and harmonize a lot

As we amp up the plot

And from our point of view

We recommend

Surviving through the end.