This is a song called the Habanera
It's from Carmen by Georges Bizet
It's usually sung by a gypsy woman
Who seduces Don Jose
He is wildly crazily in love
So when she dumps him for Escamillo
He plunges a knife into her heart
Because love's a duet and not a trio

L'amour, l'amour, l'amour, for sure.

Carmen is sung by a mezzo-soprano
Cause we are sexy, we can twist and twirl
And Escamillo is a baritone
And so you know he's going to lose that girl

nnnnnnnnnnnnLove is strange
Even if you're from the Midwest
nnnnnnnnnnnnWe try to stay calm
But there's something powerful within that needs to be expressed.

nnnnnnnnnnnnWe try to be cool
Do our jobs and keep out of debt.
nnnnnnnnnnnnBut we look at the moon
And suddenly we're in a stranger's arms and singing a love duet.

If you're shy and an English major
And grow up Lutheran in the Midwest,
You long for love and laughter and music
But guilt is the instrument that you know best.
You spend January drinking bitter black coffee,
And you feel depressed and you'd like to leave"
And you think about moving to San Francisco
For the j'es n'es c'est quoi and the joie de vivre.

And that's what Carmen was just about to do
Leave Don Jose for the Golden Gate
In California she's be perfectly happy
And then she met her tragic fate.

So dare to be passionate
But you know what your parents would say
Be careful, mon cher
And when you feel the powerful passionate urge and you want to dance your dance and sing your song ---- (LA LA OLA LA) .and when people tell you to stop and think, you laugh (HA HA HA HA HA HA) ...nonetheless remember the story of Carmen in the opera of that name by Georges Bizet.