Everywhere I go in the city of New York
I think of you
Every Broadway show, the rink in Central Park,
Fifth Avenue
We were so in love and even though you and I are through
Everywhere I go in the city of New York
I think of you

I try to stay away from the hotel where we stayed
And the little cafe where we shared the caramel latte
And the subway station where the man played "Auld Lang Syne"
In all these locations I can feel your hand in mine

Everywhere I walk in Manhattan, uptown or down
From Rockefeller Center to the Staten Island Ferry, you're around
We came to be free to take hold of love in both hands
And now everything I see reminds me of our romance

When I see the Lincoln Center fountain at night
Shining bright
I feel you near
I sit in a box in Carnegie Hall, the light dims
And the music begins
You are here

And so an entire city is charged with grandeur
The music inspired, the light enlarged, by her
And the lovers in the park riding the double decker bus
Are guided by a star, the sweet specter of us
Our love is still vibrating, though we have fallen apart
Other lovers celebrating the extravagance of the heart
Other lovers adore each other as we used to do
And I stand in the shadows and think of you.