GK:n ..after this message from the Cafe Boeuf.n Where the elite meet to eat (BIG CHORDS UP, UNDER)

TR (FRENCH):n Welcome to the Cafe Boeuf.n I am Antoine, the new maitre'd, will you be dining alone tonight?

GK:n Yes, I will.

TR (FRENCH): All alone.n Just you.n Nobody else to eat with.

GK:n Is there a problem?

TR (FRENCH): What happened, monsieur? Has she left you?

GK:nn I don't want to talk about it.

TR (FRENCH): She said something to you and you said something back and --

GK:n It's none of your business.

TR (FRENCH):n Probably she said something about your suit. The way it hangs on you. (FRENCH)n Would you mind if we give you a black smock to wear?

GK: I'm just looking for dinner.

TR (FRENCH): Or was it about your hair.

GK: Just put me back here in some dark corner, Antoine. If I cry, I don't want anyone to see.

TR (FRENCH): Very well. What brings you to Des Moines?

GK:n A radio show.

TR: Ah!

GK:n Une Prairie un a la maison Compagnon.

TR: The friend of a house in a flat place.

GK: Yes.

TR:n Never heard of it. What would you like for dinner, monsieur?

GK:n Do you have specials tonight?

TR:nn Certainment. We have the --n (FRENCH GIBBERISH. Also we have the (FRENCH) Unfortunately, we are all out of the (FRENCH).

GK: That's a shame. Let's have the first thing you said.

GK:n Yes.

TR:n Braised sheep nostrils in a snail sauce sprinkled with the eyelids of pigeons?

GK: Could you hold the eyelids though?

TR:n Certainment. Tres bien. And what wine with that?

GK:n I'd like something heavy and bitter. What do you recommend?

TR: I recommend the (FRENCH)--

GK: Thank you, Antoine.

TR:n My pleasure, monsieur. So--What did she say to you?

GK: She told me I'm boring. Old and boring.

TR: Yes. Well. I see the problem. Try the (FRENCH).

GK:nn I will. ...... a message from Cafe Boeuf.