I think the world of you
You know I wish you well
Whatever tightens your screw
Or rings your bell
Whatever floats your boat
Or greases your pan
And if solo guitar is what starts your car
Here comes the guitar man.


Well I don't know
What lights up your eyes
What makes your ketchup flow
What makes your elevator rise
But whatever it is
It's all right with me
And if solo bass can bring a smile to your face
He'll play it basically.


Some people do the marathon, put their shorts and on, and take a run.
Some people go back to sleep and dream about sheep running by one by one

Whatever thickens your bisque
Or answers your prayer
Downloads your disc
Whatever loads your software
Whatever pulls your cork
Whatever ripens your cheese
And if solo piana peels your banana
He'll tinkle the keys.


I hope your needs are met
Your desires fulfilled
Whatever fires your jets
Whatever lifts your kilt
Whatever grinds your beans
Whatever milks your cow
If a little drum break can bake your cake
Well, here's one right now.


Some people go to parties, love the hubbub, the clamor, the roar
Some people sit and listen to the moths beating gently on the old screen door

Whatever gives you a thrill,
Whatever makes your light shine,
That is your free will,
It's no business of mine.
Whatever chills your beer,
Or fills your cup.
And if a moment of silence puts your heart in the highlands,
We will shut up.


Whatever swabs your decks
Whatever fills your pies
Builds your pecs
Whatever shapes up your thighs
What magnetizes your strip
What smokes your salmon
And if B-3 makes you feel free
Then here's the Hammond


Some people love Puccini, they could listen to his operas night
and day
Some people love hip hop and never stop with the sound turned up all the way

Whatever tunes your lute
Whatever upgrades your file
Whatever opens your chute
Whatever grouts your tile
Whatever tailors your suit
Whatever styles your hair
And if a radio show can make your garden grow
We're on the air.