GK: after a word from the Minnesota DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife and commissioner Fred Farrell.

TR (FRED): If you're from out of state and planning to come to Minnesota for deer-hunting season, forget it. There is no deer-hunting season this year. (TK ELECTRONIC: NO DEER HUNTING. DO NOT HUNT DEER)

GK: There is no deer-hunting season for the simple reason that the deer population has grown to the point where hunting them is no longer a sport.

TR (FRED): You've got big crowds of deer standing around in the woods, thousands of them -- there's no challenge anymore. They're everywhere, just standing around waiting to be shot. You feel like a murderer.

GK: So this fall, the DNR announces a two-day Skunk Hunt, using only a clothes hanger. . (TROMPING THROUGH UNDERBRUSH)

TR: With skunk hunting your prey is wily and quick and you've got to move fast (TROMPING BECOMES RUNNING) and hook the skunk around the feet and then choke it with the clothes hanger before it can spray you. ( STRUGGLE WITH SKUNK, RELEASE OF SPRAY, "OHNO," COUGHING, GASPING.)

GK: What does skunk meat taste like? Gamy. But it's the ultimate test of a hunter.

TR (FRED): The Minnesota Skunk Hunting Season -- two days only.

TK: Got your skunk?