At words poetic
I'm so pathetic
That I always have found it best
Instead of getting them off my chest,
To let 'em rest, unexpressed.
I'm out of order
To revise Cole Porter
A very elegant gent
But if my ditty
Is not so pretty
It's a song of praise to our President.
You're a star
Barack Obama
Like Renoir
Or Whistler's Mama.
When you preach you make the old folks shake their bones
You're the bass beneath a, song by Aretha, you're the Rolling Stones
You are style
You're Harry Potter
You're the smile
On the face of your daughter
I'm a tragedy, a schlump from the Midwest
But if, baby, I'm the bottom, you're the best.
You are so cool
That kids in school
Know you're in their class
And even Army brass
When they salute, they tap their boots.
You've got charisma
Your family is ma-
Jestic, your wife Michelle,
Malia and Sasha, Barack by gosh a man is smart who can marry that well.
You wrote books
All alone you did
And you cook
Lunch for your kids
You're an ace at openface sandwiches and soups
And after lunch you do some crunches and shoot some hoops
You've got force and
You've got thunder
You're Toni Morrison
You're Stevie Wonder
I'm a jerk, a boob, a rube, a dork, a flop,
But Barack if I'm the bottom, you're the top.
You're Bob Dylan
You're Miles Davis
And you're fulfillin'
The dream you gave us
You're Sheryl Crow, you're Bordeaux au '83
You're Honest Abe, you're Ford Escape hybrid SUV
You amaze
You're distinguished
Like Shakespeare's plays
You do speak English
I'm an old has been, and I don't know when to stop
But Barack if I'm the bottom you're the top
You're the sauce
On the Ben & Jerry
You're the Boss
You're a new blackberry
You're a star so bright, you light the silver screen
You're Dr. Seuss, You're orange juice you're Bruce Springsteen
You can speak
And the words are consecutive
Which seems unique
For a chief executive
I'm an old sad clown whose pants are bound to drop
But Barack if I'm the bottom, you're the top.
All around
The world they're cheering
For the sound
Of what they're hearing
You're Lincolnesque, but also Marvin Gaye
You're Rosa Parks, Hart Schaffner Marx and Hemingway
Style and youth
You're smile is cheerier
In Duluth
You are quite superior
I'm a flop whose popularity has dropped
But Barack if I'm the bottom
You're Moby Dick
You're a memory stick
You're Nicorette
You're a pair of sweats
You're a breath of spring
You're Dr. King
You're the top.