GK: Good times in America. Change is on the way. A good time for each of us to look at our own lives and what needs changing. I am reappointing some of my friends and some of them will be out, come January. I'll be announcing those changes in the next few weeks. I'm going to stick with the show and I'm planning to use it to create more jobs. My goal is to triple the size of the staff over the next four years, by adding dancers (SFX) and magicians (SFX) and aerialists (SFX) and a man who can play New York New York on a pneumatic wrench (SFX). Right now those jobs have been outsourced to Fred Newman but we're going to create new jobs when one man has been doing it all. We're going to hire jugglers -- who can juggle a pop-up toaster, a cat, and an alarm clock (SFX)-- while bouncing on a pogo stick and playing a trumpet (SFX) more jobs, a pyrotechnician (SFX) , a DJ (SFX), to the band we plan to add a banjo (SFX), a sitar (SFX), a trombone (SFX), a theremin (SFX), and a bagpipe (SFX) -- at the moment Fred Newman is doing all of these-- we think it's time for change. People want change.