I am thankful for buttered popcorn for eating
In big-screen theaters with stadium seating.
I am thankful for evergreens
And for people who try to say what they mean
I am thankful for caffeine
Which makes me feel like a dancer
And caller ID for calls I'd rather not answer
I am thankful for the moonlight on newfallen snow
Grateful for mexico
A gradicido, si
And for Canada and knowing someone is colder than we.
And for my gmail account which is so good as screening spam
And grateful for Spam, I really am,
The kind you put in a sandwich
And which
Is so good fried.
And then there is the lamp beside
My bed
And the reader who lies next to me at night.
I am thankful for the alarm function on my cellphone
And its cheery alarm tone
And for the button I use
To snooze.
I am thankful for water that comes out of taps,
And thankful for power naps,
Thankful for the Psalms in the Bible.
And for my car which is old but reliable.
For mouthwash, double-sided tape, thermal underwear,
And also for a good firm chair.
So many things for which I feel gratitude
And it would be rude
Not to mention
That I am thankful for your attention.