GK: Here on the frozen tundra, winter approaches. (LOW HUM) You can hear it in the telephone wires overhead. (LOWER HUM) They're bringing arctic vibrations down from the north. And that's why our colorful birds are migrating south. The flamingoes are leaving (SFX), the plumed egrets (SFX). The peacocks and peahens. (SFX) We have to get limos for them, they don't fly that well. And for the ostriches. (SFX). And now we await the descent of winter. The arrival of the wolves. (SFX) The day the airport is forced to close.


TK MAN: Sorry. Too much snow.

TK WOMAN : But I gotta get out of here!!!!

TK MAN : We reopen in April.

TK WOMAN: April????

TK MAN: April.

TK WOMAN: I'm stuck here until April???

TK MAN: Make the best of it.


GK: And that's what we do. We make the best of it. All summer and fall, we took on big ambitious projects. We tried to nail jelly to the wall (SFX), we tried to put socks on the octopus (SFX), we've been polishing turds to make them shiny (SFX), but no more. Life gets serious in November.