Dear calendar lady
Naked on the wall
Over my work bench
You make my fingers clench
Make my skin crawl
Here it is winter
Today the sky is blue
All of the trees are brown
Wind blowing hard in town
And how are things with you?
Had a pretty good summer
Though it was dry
Jennifer's seventeen
Applied to university
Time flying by
I worry what she'll do there
And meet God knows who.
Elaine says not to let it bother
Me but Jesus I'm her father
So naturally I do.
I never cared for winter
I hate to see the sun
At four o'clock sink in the west
And of course I get depressed
Not much to be done.
Elaine sits in the kitchen
And she doesn't look at me
We don't talk much, she and I,
Just good morning and goodbye
And what's that on TV?
The kitchen smells of strawberries
She's been making jam
I just sit around and watch,
Don't say much, just drink my Scotch,
Old retired man.
Nothing much I need to do,
Just keep the sidewalk clear.
Each hour lasts a day
Slowly life ebbs away
Wish you were here.
I like to stand at night
In my backyard
Tears freezing on my face
Look up at outer space
All of those stars.
Calendar lady
Up in the air
Goddess of my delight
When I rise up some night
I'll meet you there.
One more winter
We must get through
Sometimes it's hard to live
But what's the alternative
And how are things with you?