They will never fall down
Slip down your legs to the ground
Stylish in blue, black or brown
No more problems with troublesome underwear.
Covers you front and behind
No visible panty line
Buy a pair you will find
No more problems with troublesome underwear.

GK: Brought to you by Tumbling underwear. It looks good if you take a tumble. In winter people assume that nobody's going to see their underwear so they put on any old thing but (CAR BRAKES SQUEAL, THUMP) you get hit by a car and (SIREN) the EMTs come and load your unconscious body onto a gurney and-

TR: My gosh-look at those old maroon underpants.

TK: Must be homeless.

TR: What does it say on the side?

TK: Party time.

TR: Take her away-

GK: Tumbling underwear. Available in solids and reversible models at these at many fine stores and some that are not so fine.


If you are struck by a bus
Don't be embarrassed because
Your undies are all in a muss
Just get a pair of Tumbling Underwear