Nothing bad ever happened to me in Tulsa
Always felt good here, had a strong pulse, a
Good appetite for barbecue and salsa
And that's why I came back today to Tulsa.
I've fallen in St. Paul, been zapped in Minneapolis
Been beaten down in Baton Rouge, and skinned in Indianapolis
In Washington I was told to run along
But in Oklahoma no one ever did me wrong.
I settled in Seattle and it made me feel sadder
I lost my heart in San Francisco, also my gall bladder
In Las Vegas I lost my shirt
But in Oklahoma nobody did me dirt.
In Orange County I felt like a fruit
I got my butt kicked hard in Butte
I was squashed in Oshkosh, and erased in Racine
But in Oklahoma no one treated me mean.
Nothing bad ever happened to me in Oklahoma
Never bumped my head and went into a coma
Or lay on a beach and got carcinoma
Never even let off a bad aroma.
I've been dunned in Denver, and canned in Spokane
In Manhattan I felt like a flattened man
I've been floored in Florida, and hosed in San Jose
But in Oklahoma I have always been okay.