French is a language I don't speak,
A people I don't understand
Except that I knew you Annick
Heard your voice and touched your hand
We kissed whenever we met, Annick
To say hello and to say goodnight
Four sweet kisses on the cheek
Left, right, left, right
I may never read Jean-Paul Sartre
Or make a tart with the right technique
But I have French deep in my heart
With your kisses, la belle Annick
And now you're gone so suddenly
Gone is the flower, gone is the light
And I bless you, mon amie
Left, right, left, right.
And so in honor of our friend
Whose life this week came to an end,
When saying farewell or hello
To your amour, amie, or beau
It would be magnifique
If you would kiss them on the cheek
Four kisses, sweet and light
Left, right, left, right.