GK: Not long ago our show marked its 65th anniversary on the air ---- November 11th, 1942 ---- It sounded like this--- (STATIC)
TR (ANNC, OLD RADIO EQ): This is the Victory Broadcasting Network--(BIG GONG) "A Prairie Home Companion," scheduled for broadcast at this time, will not be heard so that we can bring you this special address by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. We take you now to London...
TR (CHURCHILL): We will fight on the beaches and in the fields and in the streets, we will fight in the forests, we will hide behind the trees and sneak up on them from behind and we will hit them over the heads with big sticks.

GK: Eventually the show did get on the air ---- and as you can see, it lasted, but some of you were confused by the anniversary and thought that I was the host of the show 65 years ago. No, no, no, no, no. I only joined the show five years ago after I graduated from the Minneapolis Broadcast School, Box 102, Loring Park Station.
SS: How old are you?

GK: Twenty-four.
SS: Twenty-four????

GK: You seem surprised.
SS: You look older than that.

GK: People tell me that.
SS: You look a lot older than that.

GK: Well, I've gone through a lot.
SS: Your eyebrows look a lot older than twenty-four.

GK: Cold weather will do that.
SS: I'd say you're closer to sixty.

GK: Winter will age a person. And when winter comes, I like to drop by the Beloved Old Broadcasters Rest Home in Golden Valley to visit the old-timers of "A Prairie Home Companion" and hand out popcorn balls and try to cheer them up----
TR (OLD): Remember me? Tim Russell. I used to do voices on the show.

GK: The name is familiar, sir.
TR (OLD): I used to do impressions of Bob Dylan.

GK: Who?
TR (OLD): "Blowin In The Wind"?

GK: Sorry. Before my time.
TK (AGED): Hey. It's me. Tom Keith. Remember? I used to do sound effects. Before I lost my teeth. But I've been practicing--.I want to come back and go to work again.

GK: You just take it easy, old timer, and work on those hot pads you're making.
TK (AGED): Gimme a chance, young fella. Please.

GK: Sir, we do all those sound effects digitally now. See? This little device that fits in the palm? It's called a Raspberry. And just by punching in a code I can do a horse's whinny (WHINNY) and I can do bagpipes (BAGPIPES) and I can do a raspberry (SFX).
TK (AGED): Those just sound so cold and electronic to me. I can do them better. This is what a horse's whinny should sound like. (WHINNY) Here's a bagpipe. (BAGPIPE)

GK: Sorry. Sounds the same to me.
TK (AGED): Yeah? Well, here's to you. (RASPBERRY)
TR (LOW, OLD): How about me? Remember? Rich Dworsky, your old piano player. (SLOWER, VERY CAREFUL "TISHOMINGO") Still tickling the ivories. If you're ever looking for a guest piano-player, you know where to find me. Get a lot of fans coming to visit. Had a couple back in September.

GK: The Beloved Old Broadcasters Home in Golden Valley ---- and all of you here at the show please know that for every caramel apple you purchase from our vendors we will donate a nickel to the Broadcasters Home. In honor of our show's 65th Anniversary.