One more fall in Minnesota
To come upon Lake Wobegon
Old town, I smell the coffee
B If I could see you one more time
That long, long time is always on my mind
I'm just a stranger with memories of days of long ago
Could it have been forty years since then
What happened to us? I'd like to know.
One more fall in Minneapolis
I'll walk around Calhoun with you
The sailboats gone, the beach deserted
But still your love so strong and true.
Along Lake Street, a place we used to meet
And talk about the books we'd write someday
I missed you, friend, so I came back again
This is my home, there's nothing more to say.
When I was ten, I came down Hennepin
To escape from swimming at the YMCA
I turned my head, the library instead
A ride I took that led me to today.
One more time, this dance together
Just you and I, now don't be shy
B This time, I know I'll hear the music
If you would hold me one more time
I love the gray of a November day
The lighted windows, the trees all brown and bare
The smell of cold, it warms my northern soul
The smell of smoke and apples in the air.