Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:12 Tishomingo
00:00:55 GK Open
00:04:01 "Fishin In The Wind," Pat Donohue and Mike Dowling
00:06:18 SFX: Tom Keith's Summer Cruise script
00:10:09 GK Intro Greg Brown
00:10:35 "Summer Evening," Greg Brown and the Nashville Bluegrass Band
00:14:15 SFX: Summer Afternoon script
00:24:24 GK Intro Robin and Linda Williams
00:24:53 "Green Summertime," Robin and Linda Williams
00:29:10 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:31:31 GK Intro Guy Noir
00:32:41 Guy Noir script
00:43:25 "Windy and Warm," Pat Donohue
00:45:53 GK Intro Billy Collins
00:46:16 Billy Collins reads "The Lanyard"
00:48:54 "Sweet Corn," GK and Jearlyn Steele
00:52:13 GK Intro Ruth Harrison
00:52:32 Ruth Harrison script
00:59:00 "Good Old Summertime," GK and Prudence Johnson

Segment 3
01:02:38 GK Intermission Credits
01:07:43 GK Welcome Back, Intro "Summer Days"
01:08:24 "Summer Days," GK and Shoes
01:10:35 Bertha's script (Summer Camp for Cats)
01:12:34 GK Intro Cowboys
01:13:22 Cowboys script
01:24:04 "Potato Salad," GK and Janis Hardy
01:25:58 GK Intro Maria Jette, monologue
01:26:56 "Summertime," Maria Jette and Greg Hippen with Peter Ostroushko

Segment 4
01:29:43 The News From Lake Wobegon: Camp Scotty

Segment 5
01:47:40 "Do You Call That A Buddy," Shoes
01:51:16 Duct Tape: Mosquitoes script
01:54:25 GK Credits
01:55:57 "The Last Rose of Summer," Maria Jette