Segment 1
00:00:00 APM Logo Open
00:00:12 Tishomingo Blues
00:00:54 GK Open
00:02:36 James Levine Honk, Shoes
00:04:22 Make Me A Palette, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
00:07:53 Camp script
00:11:57 Attics of My Life, GK, Prudence, Shoes and strings
00:15:26 Scarborough Fair, Inga Swearingen, Shoes and strings
00:18:41 Scarlet Letter script with Calvin Trillin
00:23:44 Saddest Noise, Inga Swearingen and Rich Dworsky
00:27:41 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:29:19 GK intros Existential Bass Quartet
00:31:16 Stars and Stripes Forever, The Existential Bass Quartet and Inga Swearingen
00:35:22 Sweet and Low, GK and The Existential Bass Quartet
00:39:16 A Time For Love, Inga Swearingen and Rich Dworsky w/Howard Levy
00:43:41 Guy Noir script
00:59:01 Intermission - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen

Segment 3
00:59:05 GK Intermission Copy
01:01:03 NETCUE
01:03:25 GK talks about Declaration of Independence, audience sings Star Spangled Banner
01:07:02 GK intros Peter Schickele and David Dusing
01:07:55 If Love Is Real, Peter Schickele and David Dusing
01:11:02 Cyndi, Peter S. and David D.
01:13:57 Lenox script
01:16:42 GK intros Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
01:17:36 Red Clay Halo, Gillian and David
01:20:33 Fourth script
01:24:53 Gigue For Two Basses, Gary Raynor and Nathan Farrington
01:27:01 Cafe Boeuf script w/Peter Schickele
01:32:47 Where Flamingos Fly, Inga Swearingen, Gary Raynor and Rich Dworksy

Segment 4
01:36:35 The News From Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:48:41 Quartet For Basses, Mvt. 4, by Joseph Lauber perf. by The Existential Bass Quartet
01:52:33 GK talks more about Declaration of Independence
01:54:08 America The Beautiful, Existential Bass Quartet and GK, Inga Swearingen, audience sings
01:56:37 America (My Country Tis of Thee), GK, Inga Swearingen, Bass Quartet, Shoes, Howard Levy and audience sings
01:56:52 GK Close/Credits
01:58:54 APM Logo
01:58:59 OUT