Garrison Keillor: Philadelphia is where Benjamin Franklin carried out his famous experiment with the kite (THUNDER, LIGHTNING) and made shocking discoveries (OUCH!!!) and now you can go to the Franklin Institute, a great science museum, where the current exhibit is "Hurricane on The Bayou" (BIG WIND). You can visit the space command center (BEEPS, INTERCOM COMMANDS, ROCKET GOING UP) and see the air show (DIVING PLANE PULLS OUT OF DIVE AND ZOOMS PAST) and do experiments with giant levers and pulleys (SFX), and free swinging bowling balls that demonstrate friction and air resistance (SFX). You can find out about X-rays (SFX) and MRIs (SFX) and walk through a giant heart (SFX) right through the arteries, and you can watch a video of a heart bypass operation (SFX). There's a 350 ton Baldwin locomotive that you get to drive. (STEAM ENGINE STARTING UP) And in honor of Franklin, there's an exhibit on electricity where they'll send some through your body and make your hair stand up. (SFX) --And look out for those bowling balls (SFX). And here comes a plane (ZOOMS OVER). Wait. There's a train coming. (CROSSING BELLS, STEAM TRAIN BLASTS PAST).