Came to this city hoping to meet
My baby at the station on 30th Street
I crossed the river to Rittenhouse Square
Looked all around didn't see her there
I walked from Chestnut down to Pine
Looking for that woman of mine
I walked down Walnut, walked down Spruce
Even bought a copy of the Daily News
I walked up to Broad and there ahead o'me
Was the Kimmel Center and the Music Academy
I walked in, there was the symphony
And my baby in row 33
I felt so good I wanted to holler
But they were playing Gustav Mahler
They were playing the Kindertotenlieder
But doggone I was happy to meet her
Took her to the Franklin Institute
Our love is a physical absolute
And then I really won her heart
At the Philadelphia Museum of Art
I'm staying in the city of William Penn
To make sure I never lose her again