I'm here to tell you people
I'm happy tonight
I'm in Philadephia
I'm doing all right.
I've got beautiful women
To give me a squeeze
I've got a steak sandwich
With American cheese.
Got a hot pretzel
And a Hoagie's a must
With spicy salami
And a nice crispy crust
I'll head for the South Side
There's poker tonight.
I tell you folks, I'm doing all right.
I was brought up to
work hard every day.
Eight hours of labor for eight hours of pay.
Got no time for high-hats
In their limousines
Wearing their fifty-dollar pre-distressed jeans
A glass of whiskey
In a south Philly joint
And deal me some cribbage
At a penny a point.
I'm feeling majestic
And graceful and light.
I'm in Philly and I'm doing all right.