You better be nice, watch what you do.
There's somebody looking at you.
Someone with a telephoto lens.
He's tapping your phone, your e-mail too,
Gonna find out which books you withdrew
He's interviewing all of your friends.
He knows all the bad things you've said,
Bad things you have possessed.
He was sitting in the pew ahead
In church when you confessed.
Santa Claus is in your face,
He's got reindeer on your case.
Better get together your defense.
Santa knows there's something you've done,
Some trick you pulled, some racket you've run,
Santa Claus is going to town.
He can see it in your eyes,
A look of moral compromise.
Santa Claus is gonna find out.
You seem kind of uneasy,
There's panic in your look,
You're no Francis of Assisi,
You're just a common crook.
You can fool your grandmas
And your grandpas
But don't try to fool
Old Santa Claus--
Santa Claus is going to town.
I know you and you know me
Our hearts are full of larceny.
And Santa Claus he knows it too.
He's bringing you a lump of coal
Some sticks and stones for your soul
And filling up your stocking with glue.
It's time to learn clean living
And practice charity.
Hey you could start by giving
Generously to me!
Treat me nice
Just because
I'm a pal of Santa Claus
And Santa Claus is coming
Oh I can hear him coming
Santa Claus is coming to town.
Santa Claus is comin
You can hear him comin
Santa Claus is coming to town.