Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:13 "Tishomingo Blues" - GK, Shoes
00:02:37 GK welcomes, talks about Christmas
00:06:28 "Christmas at the Jailhouse" (to the tune of "Mother Was a Lady") - GK, shoes
00:09:22 Cell Script
00:11:28 Peter Schickele introduces the quartet
00:13:02 "O Little Town of Hackensack" - Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet
00:15:23 "Wise" (to the tune of "We Three Kings") - GK, Walter Bobbie, Tim Russell, Shoes
00:17:01 Mrs. Claus Script
00:20:56 Brain Script
00:25:22 "Christmas Blues" - Pat Donohue and the Shoes
00:29:15 Powdermilk Biscuit Theme Break with "Gloria In Excelsis" and "Holiday Hoedown" - GK, Schickele Vocal Quartet, Shoes

Segment 2
00:32:50 GK intros Kristin Chenoweth
00:33:28 "What Makes Me Love Him" from "The Apple Tree" - Kristin Chenoweth with Rob Fisher
00:35:55 GK talks with Kristin
00:38:24 "Come on Ring Those Bells" - Kristin Chenoweth, Rob Fisher, Shoes
00:41:08 Guy Noir Script
00:56:40 "Poor Little Jesus" - Odetta with Seth Farber
00:59:37 "O Jerusalem" - Odetta with Seth Farber and Shoes, GK, and Audience
01:03:57 Intermission/"Jingle Bell Rock" - Shoes

Segment 3
01:08:05 GK Welcomes Back
01:08:18 "Ginger" (to the tune of "We Three Kings") - GK, Shoes
01:09:59 Greetings
01:13:06 "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" - GK, Walter Bobbie, Shoes
01:16:00 Peter Schickele Intro
01:20:29 "Joy to the World Especially Out of Work Musicians" - Peter Schickele Ensemble

Segment 4
01:26:10 Ketchup Script
01:29:38 GK talks with Walter Bobbie about Poland
01:32:16 Polish Songs with Walter Bobbie, Shoes, and the Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet
01:34:50 GK talks with Odetta
01:35:47 "Go Tell It on the Mountain" - Odetta with Seth Farber, the Audience and the Shoes
01:39:12 "O Jerusalem" Reprise - Odetta, GK, Seth Farber, Shoes

Segment 5
01:40:49 The News From Lake Wobegon with "O Holy Night" - GK, Shoes, Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet
01:54:35 "Silent Night" - GK, Peter Schickele Vocal Quartet, Shoes, Audience
01:56:54 Credits and Closer - "Joy to the World" - Shoes