Pre-heat oven to three twenty-five
Grease and flour a square baking pan
Mix four cups
Sifted flour
And four teaspoon cinnamon.
One teaspoon ginger, one teaspoon cloves
Three teaspoons nutmeg, and one teaspoon salt
Mix together
With butter, sugar,
Vanilla and lemon and eggs...
Form a dough that is almost firm
Wrap in plastic and chill til cold
Roll it flat
And cut in shapes
And add any extra details.
For the frosting, one egg white
One-half teaspoon of lemon juice
Beat until foamy
And add one and three-quarters
Cup of confectioners sugar.
Put in an oven at three twenty-five
Bake until it's brown underneath
Makes enough
For seven gingerbread
Men or a gingerbread house.
Eighty-two calories per gingerbread,
Four milligrams of cholesterol
Grams of fat
And one-point-one grams of protein.
O gingerbread is mighty fine,
Fills your heart and clears your mind
Westward leading, good for eating
Ginger says its Christmastime;