Sancta Lucia
She wasn't Swedish
She came from Italy
Dressed very prettily
Herring she didn't eat
Just pasta from whole wheat
Spaghetti and lasagna
She'd lay it on ya
She made a garlic sauce
So strong your eyes'd cross
That was her panacea
Sancta Lucia
Sancta Lucia
She went to be a
Cook and to clean and sew
For Swedes up in Buffalo
Their name was Soderberg
And all they did was work
Without a hiatus
And eat potatoes
They never hugged at all
They seemed on Demerol
They had no fantasia
Thought Sancta Lucia.
Sancta Lucia
Had an idea
She jumped right out of bed
Put candles on her head
She brought her family
Cheese ravioli
And some espresso
Strong? O I guess so
Those Swedes they laughed and cried
All they had held inside
And they hugged her, Mama Mia
Sancta Lucia